Published the new version of UNI EN 13067

05 May 2021

This document specifies the method of testing the knowledge and skill of a welder who is required to carry out welds on thermoplastics in new constructions and repair work.
The skill examination of a welder is an essential condition for the assurance of the quality of the welding work.
The application of this document guarantees that the examination is carried out according to a uniform test procedure.
This document applies when the contractor or the authorities responsible for the application require it.


Pubblicata la nuova versione della UNI EN 13067


Gas and water utility network industries with alternative qualification programmes are excluded from this document.
This document applies to the following welding processes:
- hot gas welding: round nozzle, speed, wedge;
- extrusion welding;
- heated tool welding: butt, saddle, socket, wedge;
electrofusion welding: socket, saddle;
- solvent welding: socket.

The new version of this standard introduces a new material but leaves unchanged the qualification of welders for polyethylene PE100-RC pipes:

  • 3PE - 3.4: Qualification for thermal element welding by contact (butt welding) up to diameter 315
  • 3PE - 3.5: Qualification for thermal element welding by contact (butt welding) even more diameter 315
  • 3PE - 3.6: Qualification for electrofusion welding up to diameter 315
  • 3PE - 3.7: Qualification for electrofusion welding even more than diameter 315
  • 3PE - 3.8: Qualification for electrofusion welding of branch saddles (all diameters)